Concierge – LobbyBoy

Designing a connected button for your home

Small button, impressive interactions

The connected and intelligent Concierge button allows you to centralise your smart home control around a specific location inside your home, and take care of all the daily tasks during your absence. With LobbyBoy – its little brother – we wanted to create an assistant that could work along with Concierge to allow you to interact more easily with your home, for more specific needs.

A closer look into the Concierge spirit

Several concepts were explored during the creative stages: two Concierge variations, two concepts with a retro but high-tech spirit such as Concierge and two spirit-opening proposals intended to be fixed and mobile

The right balance between ergonomics and technical features

After defining a stylistic concept which best fit the Lobbyboy spirit, tests of different formats were necessary in order to choose the one offering, at the same time, the best ergonomics and the best technical integration.

A drawing to look at, a model to feel and touch

It is always difficult to form an opinion on the proportions, the aesthetics and the grip based on simple sketches. That is why we created various models in our workshops in order to bring our concepts and plans to life.

Lobbyboy: the small but powerful Concierge assistant

Imagine, for example, when going to bed, being able to turn on the home surveillance system, close the shutters, turn off all the lights, activate the alarm and turn down the thermostat: and all this with a single click!

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