Scell-it – Element Five

Riveting tool combining ergonomics and aesthetics

A completely redesigned product

Specialising in mounting solutions for industry and building professionals offered through a network of expert distributors, Scell-it wanted to re-design its electric riveter. The objective was to make the product consistent with the rest of the range while keeping the electronics unchanged.

A simple idea, but a true revolution when in use

By analysing the professional use of a riveter, we found that it was much more convenient if it rested on the top. During the creative stage, several models were designed while taking into account this feature, the blue language and simple shapes resembling the current range.

Improving the aesthetics and ergonomics

The 2D design is an important step in a project. More detailed and accurate than sketches, it allows to precisely define the aesthetics of the product. In this particular case, we lingered on the forms, the positioning of buttons and grips but also on the battery in order to create a dynamics in the product.

More than a collaboration, sharing know-how

Our long-time partner RD2 Innovate collaborated in the project in order to complete the 3D modelling before prototyping. Besides appearance, the research company has also worked on the process constraints as well as on the electronic architecture in order to make sure that components fit perfectly into the riveter.

Ergonomics: at the heart of the product design

A prototype is always more revealing than simple drawings. We were able to test the ergonomics in order to improve digitally undetectable aspects of the product, such as the grip. Adjustments to surfaces for new modelling purposes where therefore made before being scanned, thanks to  Daniel Marcotte.

There are no beautiful pictures without a good product

In order to meet the needs of our client, photo-realistic renderings were provided to be used for their communication.

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