IVS – IVStore

A box designed to better understand your retail business

Analyse your customers’ behaviours

The IVSTORE box is a comprehensive see-all tool. Its sensors continuously analyse movements in your point of sale. With an easy installation, simplified set-up, and an intuitive app, it will quickly collect for you all the relevant data such as attractiveness, performance or even conquest.

RD2 Innovate, Unistudio. A long-term partnership

After validating all the aesthetic features, we modelled and 3D printed prototypes in collaboration with RD2 Innovate. The objective was to verify the design while respecting traffic and congestion conditions in the store, as well as all the technical constraints.

3… 2… 1… Go!

A functional prototype was assembled by integrating electronics with a microcomputer, a side camera, and a front-facing camera. All of that combined with the recognition and analysis technology developed by IVS.

To each his own… how to dress-up the product

How to make the product fit the store’s identity? It was agreed to focus on the customisation in order to address this issue by drawing different skins for the box.

Unique expertise, infinite possibilities

After carrying out the designing, electronic integration and study stages, we referred to a specialised company for the production part in order to deliver a finished and complete product. For more information, you can visit IVS’ website.

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