A connected object that takes care of your home

Leave your home in good hands

Located at the entrance, Concierge is a smart button. It is now possible to go out with peace of mind since it will deal with switching off the lights, starting the vacuum cleaner, or even adjusting the temperature right after you leave.

An icon as a starting point

From the first discussions with the client, the counter bell became the focal point of our inspiration. This vision led us to analyse the entirety of the daily actions around the future product in order to create a more natural use.

A subtle match with your interior

Several concepts were selected and refined in order to ultimately build a minimal and elegant product. The ambition to have a refined and state-of-the-art product pushed the team to focus on details and materials.

Remarkably discreet notifications

After defining the shape and the materials, prototypes were built in order to perfect the different use scenarios. This allowed us to develop all of the light and sound notifications in connection with the mobile app.

You can’t deny it, Concierge is eye-catching

Computer-generated images highlighting details and the materials used were delivered to our client for their communication purposes. In addition, the shape and graphical aspect of the product inspired the design of a logo allowing for perfect brand consistency.

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