Mon Tapis De Quartier

A connected urban rug for Oxybul

Your neighbourhood at your fingertips

Mon Tapis de Quartier is a project by BLUEGRioT and Oxybul as part of the New Shopping Experience 2017 launched by the PICOM and co-financed by the ERDF. This new generation of urban rugs will allow your kids to customise them according to their wishes before launching into print.

Creativity working for children

Our designers have worked on furniture featuring a touchscreen to be soon installed in Oxybul stores. Why? To create a universe where children could live an experience and customise their rugs.

Custom furniture and extraordinary experience

Once aesthetics of a bridge-shaped furniture is validated, it is time for 3D modelling in order to deliver plans to R&D2 Innovate research company for its manufacture. In addition, the designers have developed, modelled and 3D printed connected buttons enriching interactions with the product.

Creating your own playground

The entire range of customisable items as well as the graphic universe of the urban rug were developed in-house in collaboration with the project owner, BLUEGRioT, in order to design an intuitive and simple GUI for all ages.

At the heart of the graphical interface

In parallel with the designers creating the graphic elements, BLUEGRioT has worked on the software architecture of the configuration wizard. The objective being to provide an intuitive experience when browsing and displaying various graphic elements.

The home stretch

After completing the study, cutting, sanding and painting different components, R&D2 Innovate assembled the prototype to be presented to the general public on the #Conext exhibition at Lille Grand Palais.

Dive into the backstage of the project

Dive into the heart of Mon Tapis de Quartier project with this video and discover the know-how and expertise of Unistudio, R&D2 Innovate and BLUEGRioT.

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