Adeo – Standers

A packaging to optimise shelving

Showcasing on the shelves

Standers is a storage suitcase for nails, screws, and bolts. While being transparent, it is optimised for shelving thanks to a hierarchy layout by colour and offers customizable and easy storage. The main requirement of the client was to keep the existing packaging production cost unchanged.

Safe and easy to use

The initial products had inherent flaws such as excessive fragility, poor transparency of the container and non-optimised storage space. After several creative stages, a suitcase concept was validated as it responds to the entirety of the challenges brought by the client: ensuring ergonomics and securing the tools.

Thought-over to be recognised

In order to effectively answer to the hierarchical structure concerns, we proposed a colour-based system to distinguish the type of products sold on the shelves (bolts, stainless screws…). In addition, new materials were suggested, less fragile, and allowing better vision of the content.

International expansion

Many prototypes were built in order to validate the locking systems. In order to reduce the cost of production, we surrendered the design rights to the supplier, giving the opportunity to market the product to other companies on a global basis. This element is very rewarding because it will create the opportunity for us to be present in many markets.

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