Flunch has never been so close to you

Traditional restaurants with a revisited delivery model

Selected from among the best submissions following the call for New Shopping Experience 2017 projects launched by the PICOM, which is based in Lille, and co-financed by the ERDF, Ici Resto is a project carried out by R&D2 Innovate and Flunch in order to revisit the delivery for areas not served by traditional restaurants.


When constraints drive creativity

Delivering hot and cold meals several kilometres from the Flunch restaurant was a technical and logistical challenge. During the creative stages, the objective was to design a product which is at the same time easily transportable, aesthetic and simple to use for delivery drivers as well as for Flunch customers.

From the idea to the implementation, time for modelling

After validating the concept with R&D2 Innovate, we worked on the 3D modelling by optimising the number and the positioning of hot and cold compartments, the doors opening, and the integration of the digital interface.

Customised identity, between Flunch and novelty

Presented on various shows and exhibitions, the Ici Resto project was provided with a graphic identity which was developed in-house. Combining a new identity with Flunch’s, the logo symbolises the location and mobility of the product.

Hot or cold, a 5-star rating on the confidence index

Our partner, BLUEGRioT, specialising in connected objects also took part in the project by manufacturing circuit boards permitting to keep the compartments hot and cold in order to ensure the temperature of the dishes at 63°C and 4°C.

When the last pieces of the puzzle fit together

Research company and project owner, R&D2 Innovate, was responsible for the last step before the presentation to the general public. This includes assembling all of the components and creating the architecture of the trailer and aesthetic finishing touches.

6 months of work, viewing time – 1 minute and 36 seconds.

We created a video in-house in order to illustrate every stage of the design for this project and to showcase all the know-how of BLUEGRIOT, R&D2 Innovate and Unistudio.

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