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 Create your own heels thanks to 3D printing

Atelier 27: Bring your desires to heel

Selected from among the best submissions following the call for New Shopping Experience 2017 projects, which was launched by the PICOM based in Lille, and co-financed by the ERDF, Atelier 27 is an innovative project that combines women’s fashion and 3D printing, and offers a real experience to users.

Share the same vision through collaboration

During the first discussions with Eram aimed at setting the spirit of the project, the initial plan was to use each other’s know-how in order to highlight the link between the craftsmanship and the digital world. All that to bring a true break-through innovation to the shoe market.

Explore in order to better decide

After defining the spirit of the project, a market analysis was necessary to determine the types of required products based on projected future trends. To give women the opportunity to create their own heel with 3D printing in under an hour is a real novelty in the world of fashion.

You know the craft, here comes the craft 2.0

The project identity was developed with a very specific objective: a workshop which is a clear reference to craftsmanship. ERAM was established in 1927, so it was obvious that their history, their experience, and their know-how in shoes and clothing should be well reflected.

Quality benefits from iteration

To reach the desired level of quality, we had to go through a lot of iterations with more than 200 tests of style, shape, colour, and pattern while inventing a fixing system which is simple and accessible to all.

Once again, 3D printing rocks

Providing users with a new experience permitting them to co-create the skin for their heels, was a priority. 3D printing enables us to go even further by manufacturing them directly in the store. A new kind of interaction between brand and consumer is established.

Shells that resemble you

Size, colour, pattern… Atelier 27 offers more than 600 print customisation possibilities with reduced lead times. Therefore, over the same day, you can imagine, design, create, and wear your heels: shopping out of the ordinary.

Interchangeable. Where you want and when you want!

Atelier 27 was thought out in such a way as to give a unique and quality experience. In addition to creating customs shells, the user will be able to replace them as many times as she wants without any difficulties at all, and in a matter of seconds.

A big step for the fashion industry

After two in-store tests in Paris and Lille, the Atelier 27 project attracted the attention of passers-by and seduced them. The project is now under study to make it available nationwide. Feel free to learn more about the developers of Atelier 27’s product customisation tool, NeuronalMotion.

Two nice rewards for a great project

It is thanks to the in-store ultra-customisation 3D-printing that the Atelier 27 project revolutionises the user’s shopping experience. In fact, the project has been awarded the Trophée des Industries Numériques as well as the Janus du Commerce prizes.

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