Compagnon 2.0

The design of a reassuring, connected walking stick

Compagnon: ahead of its time

To combine mobility and safety, and in partnership with R&D2 innovate, Phoceis and Bluegriot, we have developed a connected walking stick. It comes fitted with a geolocation system associated with a communication device in order to make users feel safe and reassure them during their outdoor activities.

Discreet technology, concrete use

Under the creative research stage, the walking stick had to resemble a traditional stick without any apparent technology. In addition, the walking stick is autonomous which in other words means that the user doesn’t have to worry about recharging it. In case of a fall, the user will just have to press the distress button.

Don’t be fooled by this seemingly normal looking stick

We had collectively agreed that the stick should be intuitive and feature a familiar design. So through modelling we have established models very close to what was actually available on the market.

Iterate: multiply the tests, minimise the time

3D printing offers the advantage of being able to test a multitude of concepts in the least amount of time. Moreover, it becomes easier to make adjustments to the appearance and shape of the prototype.

A prototype is worth more than ten sketches

The next step was to assemble the different components of the walking stick. This helped us confirm our common desire to make this product a seemingly ordinary walking stick.

The very first heartbeats

The collaboration with Phoceis, a digital specialist, enabled us to breathe life into the Compagnon 2.0 walking stick. The integration of electronics and the development of the app were crucial for the successful implementation of the project.

All your preferences combined in a single range

We are aware that tastes and colours are not alike. We have therefore created the Compagnon range with different materials and colours in order to please everyone’s preferences.

Feel free and be yourself again

The “SOS” button on the Compagnon walking stick will allow you to notify your loved ones in case of a fall. Thanks to the geolocation feature, they will quickly be able to find and help you, and make sure you are safe. In addition, emergency rescue services will be called automatically in case there is no response from your loved ones.

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