Top Office – Stickey

A USB key designed to be customisable

Stickey, a family USB key

Stickey is a revisited USB key. It stands out thanks to the fact it is customisable and thanks to the variety of its colour range. Thanks to its light and cool style, over 200,000 Stickeys were sold in only 3 months.

Break the status quo in order to innovate better

The project began with the desire to approach the electronic product in an innovative way. Breaking with the style of this type of product, we decided to adopt a brand new vision and offer a different approach to TOP Office.

A different-coloured Stickey for everyone

The segmentation of the range based on the colour makes the product much more attractive for the target audience which sees an opportunity to equip the whole family with USB keys. This element is enhanced by adding the option to customise the product.

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