Designing the lamp of tomorrow with yesterday’s materials

Starting from scratch and ending up with dozens of ideas

Each year, Unistudio carries out an R&D project in order to explore new areas and learn new skills. However, before we knew what product we were going to design, we completed a research phase with two tools only: blank sheets of paper and pencils.

Tetrapak: from our garbage to our lamps

Tetrapak is a material we handle every day without even being aware. Indeed, this complex of aluminium, kraft paper, and plastic is resistant to high temperatures and reflects light very well. These qualities brought about the idea to create a lamp.

The light of tomorrow with the yesterday’s materials

Considering the strengths and benefits of the material, we conceived the idea of this lamp and demonstrated that design is not exclusively reserved for noble materials. Our ambition was to ensure that the material, in its second life, settles in our habitat in the form of a unique object.

Created by us, assembled by you

Merci is a unique product which requires user involvement in the assembly of their lamp, making them a true part of the process. This lamp will give birth to a full range of future lamps, while preserving the original design’s spirit.

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