Scell-it – Optee

Ergonomic expandable riveting tool

Optee: Innovation in use

Easy to use, this expandable riveting tool is ergonomic, light and leaves no trace on the walls thanks to its soft pad. It is intelligent and works with different sizes of rivets adjustable using its expansion set-up button.

A professional product for the general public

The challenge was to create a product for both seasoned users as well as a female audience. We identified the needs of the market as well as the shortcomings of competitive products such as weight, the lack of visibility, and the traces left after their use.

One ordinary, the other clever: just amazing when both combined

Two main concepts emerged from creative studies: an ergonomic and light riveter and a non-marking buffer. After consideration, the design of a single product combining the two concepts proved to be possible and more pleasant in its use.

Research stage for better comfort

Several prototypes were designed throughout the project in order to explore each of the tracks. At the same time, a major stage of research into materials allowed for the design a lightweight, ergonomic, but also durable and stainless product.

Mixing the know-how for the sake of innovation

It is in partnership with the R&D2 Innovante research company that we carried out technical studies in order to introduce an adjusting slider, bringing the possibility to use all sizes of rivets.

2014 Observeur du Design award. We’re honoured.

Beyond the technical innovation embodied in this expandable riveting tool, it is a real innovation in use. The success of the project has earned us the honour to receive the 2014 Observeur du Design award.

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