Eram – Choose

The first connected shoe that changes colour thanks to a smartphone app

Chameleon shoe

This innovative project led by EramPhocéis and with the collaboration of Unistudio was selected under the NSE6 call for projects launched by the PICOM. The project started out with a workshop in order to define the strategy of the connected shoe: What target? What uses? What functionalities…?

Prototyping: the best way forward

The prototypes were made by Eram and Phoceis in their plants in Montjean-Sur-Loire (49) to be ready for further integration of the electronic components.

When your shoes are connected to your desires

Sizing, integrated electronic design, and integrating bright textiles into the sole, was all carried out by Phoceis. Then came the connection as well as shoe control with an iOS device on which you could choose the colour of your shoes.

Innovation-resonating bell

Finally, we imagined a double scenography for the Conext 2015 – NSE6 exhibition by offering: a store ambiance with a wall of shoes for the Tinder function of the app, as well as a presentation of connected shoes under a tinted-glass bell.

From prototype to reality

Leveraging on this first prototype, its second version was made by changing the appearance of the product (from the sandal to the sneaker). Then, Éram worked in partnership with the research company, Eolane (49) and Cité de l’objet connecté (49) for the manufacture of electronics and the integration of the module. The shoe manufacturing process itself took place in the Éram workshop in Montjean-Sur-Loire (49).

#Choose by Éram has been sold in limited edition since 15 November 2017 exclusively through the e-shop and in the Éram Paris Forum des Halles store.

To order! 

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