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Designing a connected badge reader

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The Nooncheck badge reader is the product of the collaborative word between R&D2 Innovate, Noolitic, AGS and Unistudio. Intended to make it easy to place outdoors as well as indoors, it was supposed to come with a screen and be switch activated, solutions that designers explored during a creative phase.

unistudio-noolitic-nooncheck_analyse_badgeuse_design_créativité_ sketch_01

When the product comes to life on our screens

The way the badge reader was to be used, meant it was supposed to be battery and mains powered. After having selected this concept, we therefore had to adjust the curvature whilst refining the technical aspects such as the integration of components, the fixture constraints, and positioning of the power supply and charger cords.


The designer’s prime tool : the mock-up

Modelling was also used as the means to make a 3D printed mock-up, making it quick to iterate inexpensively in-house. This makes it possible to test the product’s design, appearance and size before technical development.


When the design is at one with electronics

Our partner R&D2 Innovate, acting as the design and electronics go-between, were in charge of the badge reader”s technical development, producing a functional prototype, with which to validate the integration of the components.

OptimiZE : 4 times more incredible

A major innovation in the world of industrialization, R&D2 Innovate has developed a unique solution to create production quality preproduction models within the time frame and at costs that defy all the best solutions currently available. Taking a basic product for example, the time and costs are divided by 4 in comparison to the standard process.

The last episode in the series

The project home straight before putting it on the market: monitoring industrialisation and production of a preproduction mould, as well as assembly of the all components.


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