Trust Designer

Optimal security for a minimalistic product

Specialised in security and contactless payment solutions, Trust Designer wanted to create a very simple product in terms of technology and design, permitting a secure payment and access based on digital and biometric user information.

Robust, light, and small. What more could you ask for?

Intended to end up in a bag, it was imperative that the product be durable and robust. Therefore, we focused on the essential features in order to design a housing which is simple, robust and inexpensive to manufacture with the least number of components.

100% customisable, or close…

A flexible edge (bumper) and two removable plastic sheets were added in order to provide several benefits such as: the customisation of the colour, the possibility to add a name or a logo, and withstanding falls thanks to the bumper.

A long lifespan for a minimum cost

Different parts of the product were sent to local suppliers in order to best meet the client’s requirements regarding production costs and their lifespan. Meanwhile, the bumper was made through over-moulding in order to reduce assembly time.

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